Episode 2: You’re getting a Master’s degree in what?


This episode starts with three interviews with local Sun Prairie people talking about their experiences in libraries as children, then how they use the library now. This format lasted through half of our Season 1 episodes before it was abandoned in favor of the “interview and discussion” format.

We interviewed some future and current library people to see what they thought about the Master’s Degree requirement for most full-time library jobs. Yes, librarianship is a professional degree! In this episode, we hoped to introduce the topic to the general public.

Wisconsin has two Master’s Degree library schools–one in Madison and one in Milwaukee.


Ms. Nora Scholl, who is interviewed above, is now the Youth Services Librarian at the Mt. Horeb Public Library! Just like she wanted!

Music used includes: “Kids” – steev baker, “Tomorrow Never Knows” – the Beatles, “Hospital” – Andrew Bird, “You Rascal You” – Django Reinhardt