Episode 3: Makerspaces; to infinity and beyond!

panoramic image of idea studio
280 degree view of the idea studio


Has the moment come and gone for the “Makerspace” movement? What business do libraries have in providing their patrons with things that aren’t books? What does a makerspace look like? Your hosts discuss this and try to answer some of these questions.

Steev visits the Fond du Lac Public Library’s Idea Studio. He talks with Josh Cowles of FdLPL and adjunct lecturer Shannon Crawford Barniskis from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Shauna interviews collaborative art and performance duo SALYER + SCHAAG, who were Artist in Residence at Madison Public Library’s the Bubbler in 2015. They were also co-curators/organizers for Mad Theory 1 in 2014, and Mad Theory 2 in 2015, at Madison Public Library; with artist/scholar collaborators Dijana Mitrovic, James Burling, and Megan Marsh-McGlone.