Episode 14: The Library that Roars

St. John Lutheran Church, where Rock Springs Public Library is temporarily located.
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In the fall of 2018 Wisconsin was hit with heavy rain fall and flooding that impacted many communities, but how did it affect our public libraries?

This month we start a series on rural libraries in WI, and Rock Springs Public Library is the perfect place to begin. The smallest library in the South Central Library System is tucked within land that is rich in natural and geological history. In Rock Springs, “The Village that Roars,” the library sits among beautiful rolling hills, and their library staff are experts when it comes to facing extreme weather conditions. Shauna visited the library in its temporary location in St. John Lutheran Church and spoke with Katie Schofield, Library Director, and Jean Holtz, Library Board President. We learn the story of what happened last year (and years prior), but also see firsthand the potential of their interim space. Shauna asks Katie about work-life balance and what it’s like being a new library director.

Newly organized stacks and play area of the library.
View of stage, piano, and closets they use for storage when the library is closed and the church uses the basement.
The church is next door to the library’s old location, which was inside the Rock Springs Memorial Community Center.

Katie is an artist, and in her spare time she creates comics! S&S are huge fans of the medium and proudly present some of her work below. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us, Katie!