A visit to UW-Madison’s iSchool

Shauna recently spoke with an energetic group of graduate students at UW-Madison’s iSchool! In LIS 601: Information Perspectives and Contexts, they’re teaming up in groups for one of their assignments to make a podcast instead of making posts to a discussion board–how cool is that?!

Shauna, an alumna of the program, talked about why one would want to make a library podcast. How do libraries in Wisconsin engage with one another, even though it’s easier than ever to connect …or is it?

This discussion also included how the podcast was started (rushed and full of possibilities), how Shauna and Steev collaborate, who they think the audience is, as well as challenges and discoveries along the way.

Special thanks to Professor Jonathan Senchyne for inviting us!




Season 2 is here!

season 2 logoWelcome to the second season of The Tallest Building in Town (or TBiT, as we call it)! Join us as we continue to take a look at the ways libraries in Wisconsin evolve and the ways they maintain traditions. We’ll talk to poets and drag queens, rural librarians and comic book artists. Keep up with new developments on our Facebook page and make sure to subscribe on iTunes!

MKE Zine Fest

We’re headed to MKE Zine Fest X tomorrow! What is a zine and what does it have to do with libraries? Both the Milwaukee and Madison zine fests are now hosted by the central public libraries in those cities. Find out more in May. We’ll have interviews with zine creators, talk about our favorite zines from the Milwaukee and Madison fests, and even give some stuff away via the podcast!